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Thompson Lake

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Thompson Lake RV Resort is a beautiful community that sits on 35 acres surrounding Thompson Lake, a 10-acre artesian fresh water lake. The Resort has 116 sites and is strategically on the outskirts of the small Texas town of Silsbee (pop. 6,851) and close to the larger town of Beaumont (pop. 112,556). The rents are low, the fishing is great, and living is easy.

We offer you all the advantages of small town living and city shopping and amenities. This private, quiet and secluded RV Resort accepts both long-term and short-term stays, perfect for those who come visit for a day or remain for a month.

Or, perhaps you are looking for a permanent place to settle down that is close to employment opportunities and is still quiet and away from city living.

Our residents like Thompson Lake RV Resort because it is clean and quiet, away from the main road and has space between the RV sites.


While we are close to services and amenities, we have a country feel, nestled next to the lake.  We welcome Winter Texans and look forward to seeing our faithful Snow Birds return.

Thompson Lake is fed by an artesian well, so it is fresh water.  Artesian water is the confined natural underground reservoir that contains water under positive pressure.  It is a kind of spring water that is sourced from underground aquifers.  Artesian water is considered the finest water to be had and it naturally rises to the surface.

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The amenities at Thompson Lake Resort are all included in the price of the pad:

There is really no reason to ever leave Thompson Lake RV Resort.


Silsbee is situated in the very southeast corner of Texas, 30 miles from Louisiana, 20 miles from Beaumont, Texas.  The area is wooded and is actually called the Big Thicket area of Texas.  This area is noted for its deep woods, great fishing, hunting and camping.  What makes the Big Thicket a remarkable place is the unusually high diversity of plants concentrated in a relatively small area.  Information on the Big Thicket can be seen at

Silsbee is a Texas town full of friendly people, with a few retail sites and restaurants. Even though the town is small, it provides full-service amenities: auto shops, local restaurants, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Brookshire Brothers, CVS, churches, and multiple RV sales/service locations, all within 20 minutes of Thompson Lake RV Resort.